Sniffles, Tickles, and Sore Throats…..


A few weeks ago I held a winter wellness workshop. We discussed and shared ways to stay ahead of the winter cold and virus season.

In the last few weeks I have had more people than usual ask me how to beat the winter chill and stay healthy.

So in the next few weeks I thought I would share simple ways to stay warm and well.

For some of my readers this may be repetitive. But, we all need reminders!

My top two suggestions:

❄️Eat lots of garlic, daily. How? Put it in everything you cook. Grate it, chop it, or mince it. Add it to rice, stews, meat, and casseroles. Roast it alone or with other vegetables. Add minced garlic and lots of herbs to olive oil. Use as a dip for fresh bread. Or bake the garlic until soft. Add olive oil and blend. Use this as a spread for bread and sandwiches.


When I come down with a cold I eat raw garlic. I know! You say “yikes”! Well, if it really won’t go down, you can mince it, add honey to make a paste, and eat away. Wash it down with a big glass of water.

Check out my previous post for all of garlic’s healthy benefits. And click here for a garlic tea recipe. Many claim garlic acts as natural antibiotic. I agree.

Tip: I use a small grater to mince my garlic. It is quick and easy and also a much easier utensil to clean.

❄️Drink warm lemon water in the morning. Why? See my lemony post here. Lemons alkalize our bodies and viruses don’t like that. Many of the foods we eat are acidic. Lemon water is a great way to rebalance your pH.

Warm lemon water is also the simplest and most gentle of detoxes. img_1349

P.S. Please use organic lemons when possible.


❄️Stay tuned for more suggestions on ways to strengthen your immunity and fight those winter colds.


Cheers to garlic and lemons! So simple. So effective. So healthy!


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Sniffles, Tickles, and Sore Throats….. — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, Mam you are right about Garlic!!!!! A long winter like here in WI. hits you after the first of the year- need something cheery to eat that isn’t fattening!

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