Sugar. A Love/Hate Romance.

Please take 4 minutes of your day to watch this very informative and succinct commentary on our relationship to sugar. I couldn’t have worded it any better.


Two important additional takeaways:

1. There are plenty of naturally sweet, nutritious, and tasty foods we can consume to our heart’s delight. Try slowly replacing your sugar cravings with these. They include all fruits and many of the sweet veggies such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, sweet peppers, and some of the squashes. Even dark high quality chocolate can satisfy this desire.


sugar32. Consider the 80/20 rule. Dine in a healthy manner 80% of the time. Plan your splurges the other 20%. This helps us, emotionally, to relax about one of the greatest pleasures, eating.

No need to divorce yourself from sugar…just be choosy and wise, like all relationships!

P.S. The great news? Slowly transitioning to healthier sweet foods actually does transform your palate and your cravings over time. The romance can continue!

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Sugar. A Love/Hate Romance. — 14 Comments

  1. I went into an anti candida diet where sugar was prohibited, except few fruits like all berries. It was hard but when you stop your diet and get back to normal, your relationship to sugar change totally and for ever.

  2. It really works! After cutting out candies and artificial sweets, when I eat them now, I don’t like them as much. Great advice…

  3. How do you recommend applying the 80/20 rule? For an entire meal, for just a dessert, etc? How can I avoid the mentality of “this is part of my allowable 20%” becoming too much of a mindset that I default to too often?

    • Yes! Must be honest with yourself! Your 80/20 rule can work in many ways. Some people plans there splurges over the weekend, and some daily. But the key is to make the change slowly and to take note of the reduction in sugar cravings. One way I improved my sugar cravings was to eat a sweet fruit, such as an apple, and tell myself that I can have a cookie after that. Usually, the apple satisfied me. I never buy cookies anymore! Thanks for bringing up this good point, Lynne!

  4. I really like the tip about adding more naturally sweet fruits/veggies. I’ve been starting to do that more, especially when we’re in squash season(!), and it’s starting to help!

    • Honey is a great choice! Especially local honey, when you can find it. It is full of vitamins and minerals and has many health benefits. It can soothe coughs and help to treat wounds. Enjoy!

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