The Sound of a Blessing


The sound of a blessing:

Music playing.
Sisters teasing.
Dishes clanking.
Squirrels hustling.
Cranberries popping.
Friends singing.
Brothers taunting.
Acorns dropping.
Doorbell ringing.
Garlic sizzling.
Knives chopping.
Children laughing.
Aunts embracing.
Dogs barking.
Cat hissing.
Father joking.
Mother humming.
Candles flickering.
Or…… maybe the sound of chosen solitude.


These are only a small taste of the many sounds that bless us.

What do your blessings sound like?

Then, in a moment of silence, we give thanks.

From my table to yours, I wish you a day of your choosing and sounds that make you smile.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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The Sound of a Blessing — 8 Comments

  1. I love the sound of my furnace running. I am so grateful for heat. I love talking to my daughters and hearing their children in the background. I like the sound of the organ as we’re entering and leaving church. I like the sound my fingers make as I tap on the keyboard. I like the beep that says my car is locked or unlocked (because I have only had a car with a key fob that works in recent years). And I love the doorbell on my new house.

  2. Wow Judy….I’m so touched by your beauty and grace. Our life is such a journey! Have enjoyed looking through your sight, reading your blogs. It’s beautiful and so very proud of you! As you and your family gather together for Thanksgiving may you be Blessed and continue to bring the message of love, kindness, peace and gratitude.
    One day I would love to have a heart felt chat over a cup of tea!

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