Let’s Carry on!

imageLabor Day weekend often signifies a last splash in the pool, a final trip to the ocean, packing away flip flops and tank tops, picking your last zinnia bouquet, whipping up one more fresh melon smoothie, and a farewell to butterfly giggles.

imageOur summer photo albums are now full of new memories, ready to be visited frequently through the years. Children have grown taller and new experiences have filled their life cache. Fun and laughter, as well as trying times, have built sturdier muscles.


But….. let’s carry on, to borrow from a favorite British expression!image

Let’s carry on to cooler days and bluer skies, to even more outdoor time, to pumpkin bread and fresh apples, to yellow asters and bright orange chrysanthemums, to golden leaves and brush piles, to open windows and fresh air, and to pulling out our favorite blankets and sweaters.

Labor Day weekend is often one last time for a summer gathering, an outdoor feast, and a good game of tag.

Enjoy your friends and family this weekend! Either rest or play, but labor not!


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Let’s Carry on! — 6 Comments

  1. Love “Let’s carry on.” Reminds me a bit of Voltaire telling us to tend our gardens. I looked for a good French translation for you, the one I learned in French class, but couldn’t find one.

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