My Second Annual Giveaway!


Two years ago this week I wrote my first blog post.

Now, 104 posts later, I continue to enthusiastically share ideas and thoughts on health and wellness with you.

While these two years of messages have included everything from yard food to butterfly giggles to blueberry soup to a little fluff and …… to a few of my obsessions, my very first post still contains my most important message: Eat Real Food!

Thank you, dear readers, for your loyalty, enthusiasm, and great commentary!

I am celebrating! And, I am offering a giveaway.


I could spend hours browsing through cookbooks and recipes. How about you?

My latest cookbook interest is the New York Times bestseller Danielle Walker’s Against all Grain, introduced to me by my health coach friend, Linda.

I am not a celiac nor am I gluten intolerant. What I find exciting and encouraging, however, is all of the research, experimentation, and creativity around gluten alternatives.

This cookbook is also dairy free which suits me. I am always looking for dairy alternatives. She ascribes to a paleo diet so there are plenty of sumptuous meat dishes.

Danielle offers simple and nutritious recipes. I love her clear and inspiring photos. Her layout makes it an easy to read cookbook.

Cumin-garlic summer squash, thyme roasted fennel and carrots, balsamic steak pizza, cauliflower rice, overnight breakfast casserole, meyer lemon curd cakes, and fudge brownies with almond and coconut flour, are only a few of her delectable creations.


Danielle also provides meal plans, shopping resources, and other guides for easy cooking. Her personal suggestions are called Tidbits!

Ms. Walker’s introduction gives an in depth account of her health struggles and what led her to a more paleo friendly diet. She is very sensitive to the increase in autoimmune challenges in our society today.

While this cookbook is a refreshing tool for people avoiding gluten and dairy and incorporating more meat in to their diet, it is also a wonderful collection of recipes for anyone. I have particularly enjoyed her creative soup recipes.

So, if you would like a chance to be the lucky winner, leave me a comment by October 11. I will randomly choose a winner who will receive this 315+ page cookbook for their enjoyment. The paperback book is valued at $34.95.

Again, cheers to all of you who read my blog! I am very grateful.

I welcome input and suggestions at any time so please reach out to me. And, if you are curious about health coaching, please ask. I am a passionate wellness nerd!

More to come, so stay tuned. I look forward to sharing some culinary thoughts and tidbits from my recent travels.


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My Second Annual Giveaway! — 8 Comments

  1. I would love to have a chance to win a new cookbook, especially since beginning culinary arts. We are learning the traditional french way to cook foods. I love to cook and learn new things!

    I love your posts and I miss your delicious smoothies! Thanks for all of your information that you have provided!!

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