A Wellness Moment and Butterfly Giggles


Our butterfly bushes are profuse. They are spreading like weeds, actually. We have cultivated a row of them along a path in our yard.

The bushes are spectacular…….and always in motion. The swallowtails are everywhere.image

Martin and I were having a good laugh while working outdoors one day, and he said the butterflies are giggling too!

Since then I cannot look at butterflies in the same way!

They giggle silently.

They flitter and flutter, all the while giggling about something.

When was the last time your body gyrated with laughter? While it is difficult to laugh and giggle silently, the resulting endorphin release spells wellness to me.

Our butterfly shows lift my spirits and lower my blood pressure, image

So, in case you don’t have butterflies in your outdoor space, I am sharing a few butterfly moments with you.

Enjoy. I hope these three short videos provide a minute of peace…..or maybe a good giggle.

Video one.

Video two.

imageVideo three. I wanted to throw this one in too. It is of a hummingbird moth. Click here to learn more about these intriguing creatures of the insect world.


Did you know that butterflies can fly up to 12 miles per hour and some moths up to 25 mph? Wow. There are 24,000 species of this insect. And…..they can see red, green, and yellow. For more fun facts click here!

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A Wellness Moment and Butterfly Giggles — 6 Comments

  1. The butterfly bushes you gave us are huge and full of flowers. James and I have loved seeing the butterfly population boom in our yard!

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