Here in the south we call them maters!

And the mater season is winding down.

Remember, only a few months ago, when summer was approaching and you could barely wait to take to take your first juicy bite of a sweet heirloom tomato?

Now…….as we near the end of August, many of us are struggling with what to do with all of our tomatoes.

My dear friend, Lisa, processes pints and pints of tomatoes for the winter. She makes creative and delicious sauces with her many varieties of tomatoes and includes other veggie goodies in her preparations.
imageCheck out Lisa’s roasted tomatoes. She cooks and processes her bountiful harvest in her enviable outdoor kitchen!


When a tomato sandwich no longer hits the spot, I immerse myself in a recipe search for something just a little different.

I found this recipe that uses fresh pasta sauce and okra, which has just started appearing at the markets. From The New York Times, it is a mediterranean okra and tomato stew recipe. I found it hearty, yet light. (I skipped the sugar ingredient….natch! Instead, substitute with a little honey, red wine, or even a splash of balsamic vinegar.)

imageIt is yummy. Try it!

Here is another tomato recipe from PureWow to stir up your creative mater juices!

What do you like to do with your end of season tomato abundance?

Fried green tomatoes anyone? Yet another southern delight.

More mater love next year! 🍅

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(Do you notice anything cute and green and wiggly hanging tightly on to the green tomato?!)


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