Blueberry Soup!


Blueberries are here!

Did you know these deep colored berries are considered a super nutrient-dense brain food, full of antioxidants? I bet we could all benefit from a little memory boost …..or should I speak for myself?!

I learned of a super easy and healthy drink from a fellow health coach friend, Antonia Nyberg, from Helsinki. She makes Blueberry Soup for her son!

It is so easy. Three ingredients. There is a warm version and a cold version.

For the warm version you gently heat up the blueberries (can also use frozen) with a little water until hot, but not boiling. Mash it up with a potato masher or a fork, add some honey, and drink! 

Since it is summer I have been making cold blueberry soup.

I take 3 cups of rinsed, fresh organic blueberries and add 1/3 cup of water and 2 tbsp of honey (maple syrup can be a replacement) and throw it all in to the blender. Add some ice cubes if you want it to be super cold. Adjust the water and honey to desired consistency and sweetness.image

Garnish with a mint sprig if you want to get fancy. This drink can add great color and piz-zaz to any brunch menu. There is nothing to stop you from adding other types of berries either. Another suggestion is to use this recipe as a sauce for sliced fruit or pound cake or ice cream.

Drink away! What a tasty way to stay healthy!

There is a myriad of ways to incorporate this small but power packed berry in to your diet, from gobbling up a handful to making a pie.

Check out my recipe here for a refreshing blueberry and cucumber salad.

And, I always buy extra to freeze for the winter months. What a comforting thought…..warm blueberry soup on a snowy day! 

Check out Antonia’s many other healthy recipes here. She specializes in kid’s nutrition and shares useful tips and parenting wisdom. I encourage parents and grandparents alike to peruse her website for inspiration. I do!


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Blueberry Soup! — 4 Comments

  1. Judy….you had to know how much I loved this soup, b/c of the 2nd & thirds I had. Love it so much! Thanks so much for the “enlightenment” lol

  2. I love fruit soups! Had my first fruit soup thirty-nine years ago on one of the first trips I took with my husband. Strawberry! Seemed so odd then, but I thought it was delicious.

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