Hanging on…..


What are you hanging on to in life?

Is it old habits, rigid thoughts, prideful attitudes, burdensome possessions, stifling relationships, antiquated thinking, habitual and no longer necessary routines and schedules, even old shoes with no more tread?

Do they hang on by a thread even on the windiest of days? Do they latch on when the tide recedes?


Do they get tangled and caught in a sticky web?

Are they so ingrained that they cause stress points in your body?

If these old ways don’t serve you anymore and block your quest for peace, happiness, progress, and healthy relationships, perhaps you could consider a gentle letting go.

Consider today what you might be hanging on to for dear life.

Consider today, a new path. Consider freeing yourself from rigidity and exploring the lightness and freedom of new ways.

Breathe deeply, exist in the moment. Perhaps then, you are better able to slowly ease away the tension your body holds.


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Hanging on….. — 6 Comments

  1. I loved this post. I am going to print it and use it for meditation after my morning yoga! Hopefully, each day I will set out on a new path.

  2. Beautiful picture of the butterfly! So hard to let go of stress of any kind especially in our hectic crazy world. Looking forward to letting go of a lot of my stress on Dec. 23 when I retire!!! Then I will have more time to look inward too.

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